Beekeeping Report

Rose Cottage Beekeeping Diary

I got a shiny new smoker… 

So I was off down to the bees at double time to enjoy their company and to admire Mrs Jackson’s excellent handy work.  

She has been painting. As many of you will know Rose Cottage has had a makeover. However, Mrs J doesn’t just stop there …oh no she is truly handy with a brush and has painted the chicken house and beehives in the same colours too. So when we got down to the beehives we rebuilt them from the ground up giving the bees fresh, clean, and colour coordinated equipment. Obviously, it won’t shock you too much if I say that the bees were a little irritated at first by our enthusiastic destruction of their homes. Thankfully they soon got bored creating daisy chains of angry swaying bottoms on my hat and settled down. Mrs J did, however, take one for the team whilst I was giving some high quality leadership advice. She has forgiven me I hope for saying ‘pick it up’ instead of ‘don’t pick it up’ … It was just an ever so a small slip of the tongue. 

Well the bees have also been quite busy as they have been filling the supers with nectar and have begun reducing it to honey. We didn’t actually see the queen in the second more aggressive colony but we did see freshly polished cells, eggs, and very young larvae so we know she’s in there somewhere. We were very careful not to squish her or lose her whilst we were building the hive back up. During our makeover we replaced the outer frames in the brood box with fresh comb as the old frames were aged and solid with crystallised winter leftovers. Providing fresh comb gives the girls plenty of space to store food and lay eggs. I knew I was safe to swap these as I could see excess food being stored in the supers above. 

So this month will be the battle between the queen and myself to see whether I can keep the colony together or if she can swarm and sneak away whilst I’m watching the World Cup on TV…thank goodness Mrs J hates football. 

Cllr. Sam Jackson