Chairman's Report

The development of Augusta Park has continued with a further package of land within the parish now under review for detailed planning consent. The proposal is in line with outline planning agreement. Development of previously agreed areas both in our parish and Enham Alamein have continued with many more homes occupied.  New areas have been planted with trees and areas planted in previous years are showing satisfactory growth.

Parking in Augusta Park has been the subject of a meeting between the parish council and Test Valley BC. The concerns are access to the Endeavour School and for through traffic on the new sections of Smannell Road. As a result the formal review process will commence this month and it is hoped will result in parking restrictions. Additional dog waste bins in Augusta Park are being provided by the parish council.

Speeding along Smannell Road has been subject to a radar survey which showed that on certain sections traffic was moving faster than desired. The question of what should be done to control vehicle speed is the subject of current parish business.

In 2013 there was a very successful summer fete for Little London Playing Fields with many stalls and a cake competition. Sam and Linn Jackson are to be congratulated on their work in organising the event.  Grass cutting at the playing fields has not been satisfactory and a new contract with Enham Trust is being put in place. Maintenance work is subject to current review.

The Boundary Commission will be reviewing borough ward and parish boundaries with a timetable aimed at effecting change by the 2019 borough and parish elections.The review is needed as a result of large increase in population in Augusta Park.

Little London has a new notice board as the old one was in very poor condition. The board does require some adjustment to make it easier to open and remain looking smart.

The council’s financial position remains strong with precept income high due to the increasing number of homes in Augusta Park whilst expenditure in the Park is low as it is still under developer’s care.

Fortunately the very wet weather over the winter resulted in very little flooding in the parish and none of it of any real inconvenience.

Cllr. Rod Bowker

Chairman – Smannell Parish Council