Little London Playing Field Committee

Little London Playing Field Committee  

So this month I thought I would spend a moment explaining who we are and what we are currently planning. Some 20 years ago a local farmer kindly gave land to the village for the benefit of the children. To manage this donation a small committee of villagers organised themselves and the LLPFA was born. For many years it was an independent group. However, a few years ago the playing field was moved to the Parish Council to strengthen the management and provide insurance protection.  As a result the LLPFA is now a subcommittee of the Parish Council. The LLPFA is the de-facto management committee for the playing field and it carries out fund raising events to generate money to improve the playing field facilities for our children and to encourage the sense of community that we all value.

What are we doing at the moment? Well we have been trying for a year to organise a work party of villagers to carry out repairs to the playing area. Sadly we have had no success and so we have decided to hire a local contractor to come in and carry out repairs.  This work should be well under way or completed by the time you read this article. We have also just placed a contract with Enham Trust to cut the grass as necessary (with a minimum of 2 cuts a month). The local council had the previous contract but unfortunately proved unreliable. Payment for these maintenance works will come from the Parish Council and not from any funds raised by events.

We typically hold four events a year – The village fete, a fund raising quiz, the fireworks night, and the village Christmas lights switch on. We welcome all new ideas but we hope that those with them are willing to help us make them happen too – it’s sometimes easy to forget that we are just a small collection of your friends and neighbours and that we appreciate all the help we receive.

At the moment we cannot hold our major events in the playing field as we have nowhere to park cars. If we can safely hold events in the field we will. It is our spiritual home. We are planning a Traditional Village Afternoon Tea Party in the playing field in August to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the donation of the field and hope that everyone will come along. The School have very kindly allowed us to use their field again this year, with parking kindly donated by the Brooks. It’s on Saturday 28th June and includes the second annual Little London cake competition…so please get messy and bake a cake.

We are trying to accumulate a fund to enable the purchase of additional play equipment for the children of the village – It costs several thousands of pounds to purchase and install new equipment. Your support at our fund raising events is wonderful and really makes a difference.

So I hope that this helps everyone understand a little more about the LLPFA and perhaps will encourage a few more of our neighbours and friends to feel welcome and to join us and share the genuine pleasure of organising fund raising events and helping the children. Why not make contact, come along, and have a drink and chat,

Cllr. Sam Jackson
0774 756 2043