A settlement of around 25 dwellings. It houses the school, the church and the pub, making it the focal point of the parish. The church was built in 1856/57 by William White and consecratedin 1857. Until 1874 Smannell parish was part of the parish of Andover but it became an independent when the railway line was built to form its southern boundary. The Church of England school was built 1873.


The name “Smannell” may derive from the old English 'Smethenhyll' – “(at the) smooth hill', a reference to the gentle rise near Finkley farm.  By 1652 the name had become Smanhill (Coates 1989), although the 1810 Ordinance Survey map quotes the name as Swanhill. 


Smannell is situated in an ancient river valley and at the junction of 5 old roads (one now a footpath) to Andover, Finkley, Stoke, Little London and Woodhouse. 


The style is mixed with some buildings from the mid 1800’s to post World War II council houses and some more recent developments.